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How Electric Drum Pumps Impact one of the America’s Biggest Industries

By | January 4, 2021

The manufacturing industry has long relied on the production and use of chemicals. The chemical market is one of the largest and most important industries around the globe. Chemicals are vital to regular manufacturing operations, and as a result the production of those chemicals has become extremely profitable.

When these chemicals are produced, they’re often stored and transported in large barrels or tanks. Electric drum pumps are then used to pump the chemicals out of the container once they need to be used or moved. The use of electric drum pumps allows for a quick and easy transfer of these chemicals, while reducing the risk of spillage and loss.

The pharmaceutical industry is an industry that commonly uses drum pumps during production. In 2014, the U.S.’s share of the worldwide pharmaceutical market was valued at an estimated $365 million. Back in 2012, the entire chemical output, including pharmaceuticals, was valued at almost $770 billion.Electric drum pumps have helped facilitate this growth. As the pharmaceutical industry and other similar industries continue to grow, so will the demand for these pumps. They expedite the process of moving these liquids and can significantly impact efficiency during the production process. Increased efficiency results in reduced costs and higher profit.

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