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Introducing the Flotronic® 14-Inch Slimline Pump: Handle Greater Volume and Higher Viscosities


Constant innovation in fluid handling pump technology helps industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing keep pace with increased demand and limited plant floor space.

Unibloc® Hygienic Technologies raises the bar with its latest product introduction within the Flotronic® Slimline series, a 14-inch AODD pump that marks the first of its size within the AODD pump style that can accommodate a Clean-in-Place (CIP) processes. Other features make it a game changer for customers that need a larger pump capacity.

Groundbreaking Features Aid Plant Efficiencies

Hygienic Design and CIP Compatibility: The Flotronic Slimline Pump has been engineered with 3A and EHEDG guidelines in mind, ensuring it meets the most stringent industry sanitation standards. This pump’s ability to accommodate CIP sanitation processes provides a perfect fit for applications within the food and beverage, cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical markets.

High Processing Power and Efficiencies: This new model in the Slimline series handles material viscosities of up to 100,000 Centipoise (cP).Its larger capacity enables it to cover higher flow rates and bigger volumes, to reduce downtime and improve transfer efficiencies.

Proprietary One-Nut® Design Speeds Maintenance Procedures: The unique One-Nut design sets the Flotronic Slimline Pump apart from the competition. It allows for swift disassembly and reassembly, reducing the cleaning cycle time from two hours to just 15 minutes. This easy maintenance procedure significantly lowers labor costs and makes it the most convenient pump of its size and style in the industry.

Cost-Effective Upgrade: The Flotronic Slimline Pump provides an attractive proposition for businesses looking to optimize costs without compromising on quality. With an upgrade cost equivalent to that of a single stripping operation for an existing pump, users can achieve an instant return on investment (ROI).

Explosion-proof for Sensitive Applications: Industries requiring explosion proof equipment set ups, such as food and beverage applications processing powdered ingredients for example, can rely on the Flotronic Slimline AODD Pump. AODD pumps do not require electric motors for operation, relying instead on compressed air or gas to drive the diaphragms.

In addition, its robust construction and high-pressure rating of up to 7 bar inlet pressure ensures reliable and safe operations in challenging environments.

Versatility and Efficiency

The Flotronic Slimline Pump offers a versatile solution designed to handle a wide range of materials across various industries. By reducing downtime and labor associated with sanitation and cleaning, it supplies enhanced performance and transfer efficiencies. Moreover, the compact footprint associated with the Slimline series of pumps saves valuable floor space making it suitable for insertion into diverse plant configurations and applications.

Enhancing Safety and Streamlining Plant Operations

The positive feedback received from our customer base is a testament to the Slimline Pump Series’ remarkable performance. The line extension to include a 14-inch diaphragm pump opens new possibilities for manufacturers that were previously unable to consider using a AODD for certain applications, due to its ability to accommodate CIP processes.

UHT’s Flotronic Slimline 14-inch AODD Pump represents another technological advancement for hygienic fluid handling. With its ability to accommodate CIP processes, the viscosity levels it can process, the ease of maintenance and compact design, the Slimline model affords processors with unique opportunities to streamline production and spare labor costs. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to processing lines within the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing industries. Experience seamless, efficient and thoroughly hygienic fluid handling in your manufacturing operations.

For more information about the Flotronic One-Nut Slimline AODD Pump and other innovative engineered solutions, visit our product page.

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