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Peco Foods Sees Increased Productivity with Switch to Unibloc Pump

By | January 3, 2022

In today’s quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, food safety is top of mind. At Peco Foods, Inc., that is no different – and food safety is part of its vision to be a world-class food company.

While processing chopped and formed poultry products at a rate of 9,000 pounds per hour and at temperatures of 26°-28° F, it is easy to imagine the challenges of moving product while maintaining product integrity, safe pressurizations and productivity requirements.

Alan Risley, Plant Manager at Peco, called upon Unibloc Pump when his plant could not maintain enough speed to keep the production line running seamlessly with its former pump.

After switching to a Unibloc unit, the new pump was able to keep up with the speed requirements at a lower RPM – preserving the protein lost with the previous pump. The changes put in place increased uptime and reduced potential foreign material issues in a critical application for Peco.

Additionally, Risley added that Peco Foods now saves an estimated $250,000 annually due to the boost in productivity, reduced product loss and longer pump life.

To see the details, read the case study now.



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