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With Unibloc Reduce Downtime of Food Grade Tanker Trailer Pumps By 20%

By | July 23, 2021
Unibloc reduced the downtime of a client by 20% with their food grade tanker trailer pumps.

The basic premise for any trucking company is that it only makes money if its trucks are on the road.  So routine downtime caused by seal failures of food grade tanker trailer pumps simply cannot be tolerated. 

Yet for many in tank transport, seal failures are something that’s tolerated, a problem to be accepted and just scheduled around. That’s no longer the case at Oakley Transport, which was able to reduce downtime by 20% with Unibloc pumps.  

For food grade tanker trailer pumps seal failures are typically not noticed until unloading. When that happens, the unloading process is halted, and the trailer is taken to a service center for pump repair. Downtime could be as little as 4-5 hours or as much as a day or two, depending on the nearest service location. The costs can be exorbitant – up to $2000 a day. 

Not only does that leave Oakley’s customer without needed ingredients, but it also hurts the carrier’s reputation for quality and reliability. All the while, temperatures must be maintained, and unloading must happen before the product expires.  

To find out how Unibloc Pump helped Oakley Reduce Downtime by 20%, read the case study now. 


Our food grade tanker trailer pumps are precision engineered to fight downtime and costly rebuilds, which is a critical concern for our customers.  Every Unibloc pump is built with innovative technologies that simplify the pumping process to keep your operation running smoothly. 

See how one of our key customers was able to reduce downtime by 20% with Unibloc pumps.

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