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Safe Water Transfer and Storage can Change the World

By | May 3, 2021

Clean drinking water is a basic necessity of life, yet it’s a luxury for many people in the world.  The global water demand has been on the rise for years and is expected to increase from about 4,500 cubic kilometers six years ago to over 6,300 cubic kilometers in 2030.

Sadly, not everyone is getting enough clean water and the increase of water demand is a very serious issue. Luckily, there have been technological advancements in the water industry and water technology exports are now over $2.5 billion.

We will begin to see more and more ways to get clean water to those in need. It was estimated that more than 70% of the world’s population had access to clean drinking water sources last year. That is certainly the best it’s ever been, but there is still work to be done.

Chemical Drum Pumps play a vital role in providing safe drinking water in many parts of the world. These pumps are often used to transfer water treatment chemicals as well as additives such as Fluoride.

Chemical Drum Pumps provide a safe and controlled solution for transferring chemicals from 55 gal. (200L) barrels.  Simply insert the pump into the drum (resting on the bottom), power the pump ON, and then squeeze the hand nozzle to discharge the chemical. For smaller applications, Drum Pumps can be made to fit containers such as 30 gal. carboys and 5 gal. buckets.

Providing access to clean drinking water greatly improves the health of a population. Serious health problems such as kidney failure, dehydration, and dysentery can be reduced simply by drinking clean water.

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