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There are Many Different Terms for Drum Pumps but They All Provide the Same Function

By | February 8, 2021

Drum pumps are devices primarily used in commercial or manufacturing settings that serve the function of emptying barrels, tanks, and IBCs. Typically, drum pumps consist of a vertical shaft inside a narrow tube, which fits inside the drum opening. The pumping action occurs with either an impeller or rotor located at the bottom of the pump.

Pharmaceutical industries often use these pumps to transfer chemicals.  In 2014, the nation’s share of the worldwide pharmaceutical market was valued at an estimated $365 million. The entire chemical output, including pharmaceuticals, was valued at almost $770 billion in 2012. Annually about 17.9% of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry’s total revenues is spent on research and development.

To help you get more familiar with these products, here are three basic types of drum pumps that people involved with the pharmaceutical industry might use on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Electric Drum Pump This is a type of drum pump defined by the source from which it draws its power from. At Standard Pump Inc., we offer many different sizes when it comes to electric drum pumps. The SP-280P series for example, weighs nine pounds and generates flow rates up to 32 GPM.

  2. Explosion Proof Drum Pumps For applications involving flammable / combustible liquids, the 400EX (explosion –proof) series pumps are a safe solution.

  3. Pneumatic (Air) Drum Pumps Versatile in use, these drum pumps are ideal for long duty-cycle applications and / or transferring flammable / combustible liquids.

The primary function of these pumps is to empty barrels or Totes — many of which can hold up to 330 gallons — without having to tip them over to empty them. Engaging in that sort of activity can lead to spills, contamination, and serious health risks for the person trying to manage it.

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