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Tips On Installing Your Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

By | July 7, 2021

Tips On Installing Your Air Operated Diaphragm Pump


AODD Pumps are well known for being very versatile, robust, all-round pumps. They come  with many advantages and have proven to be relatively easy to specify and very forgiving when it comes to changing the application ‘on the run’.

However, as with most things; obeying some basic rules / engineering principles when installing the pump will result in a more efficient pump.


  1. Position the pump as close to the source of the product as possible
  2. Where ever possible attach the pump securely to the floor / any base plate.
    1. Where a pump is supplied on a trolley always ensure the brakes on the wheels are engaged once the pump is in position.
  3. The internal diameter of the suction pipework should be the same or larger than that of the suction connection on the pump to maintain efficient suction capability.
    1. The suction pipework run needs to be as short and straight as possible, especially when pumping viscous products.
    2. Never reduce the inlet connection size
    3. Taking the suction pipework up a size will help with pumping viscous products
  4. Delivery pipework diameter would normally be the same size as the pump connection; however this can be reduced; for instance, to save on product waste, weight of pipework and / or material costs, as long as common sense is used
    1. Flotronic AODD pumps can be specified with one size smaller delivery connections if required
  5. Ensure connections to the pump are flanged, screwed or clamped to appropriate standards.
  6. Short lengths of flexible pipework should be used on the Inlet and outlet of the pump
    1. If only one is possible, install on the outlet of the pump.
  7. Isolation valves in the suction and delivery lines can make maintaining the pump in line a lot simpler.
  8. Pump should be installed with its own dedicated filter regulator in the air line.
    1. Having a needle valve in the airline between filter regulator and pump can help 'fine tune' the flowrate if required
  9. Air lines need to be the right size for the pump:
    1. Flexible pipework should be used immediately before the pump if possible.
    2. Min 10mm on pumps with 7" or 10" Diaphragms
    3. Min 20mm on pumps with 12" or 14" Diaphragms
  10. Re-torque all main connections on the Pump / pipework before running the pump for the first time.
    1. Run the Pump with water if possible to check integrity of pump and pipework.
  11. Pumps normally need 2Bar to run – always start with a low air pressure and build up until the required flow rate is achieved.
    1. Running the pump at approximately 60 – 70 cycles per minute will result in the most efficient use of air and longer diaphragm / spares life.



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