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4 Advantages of Unibloc Pumps Over Other Sanitary Pump Manufacturers

By | June 9, 2021
When looking at sanitary pump manufacturers, it is necessary to look at the advantages of each. We provide 4 advantages to going with Unibloc.

Each Unibloc Pump sanitary pump is equipped with features that ensure quality and help you fight downtime. Unique features have been developed to guarantee the highest performance. Investing in a Unibloc means less hassle and more productivity, over other sanitary pump manufacturers,  to help your bottom line.

Unibloc Pump’s Four Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Seamless Design

The cleanability of Unibloc is unparalleled. No welds or seams mean cleaner, stronger, more durable pump heads. The seamless design of a Unibloc Pump eliminates the need for weld maps in the pump, a trait appreciated by the pharmaceutical and other industries. This innovative machining method leads to a more sanitary pump head and allows for a significantly smoother surface finish. Amongst sanitary pump manufacturers the cleanability of Unibloc Pump is unparalleled.

Porosity Free Guarantee

Unibloc Pump fully machines its products from solid steel, which offers uncompromised quality by eliminating welds, pits, and pores within the material. The result – a 100% porosity free pump head, guaranteed. This feature is just another reason why Unibloc Pump leads the industry in sanitary design.

Fully Machined Gearbox

The Unibloc Pump Gearbox is the toughest precision-built gearbox in the industry. A fully machined exterior offers the ultimate sanitary design with a cleaner, smoother, non-stick surface. Features also include helical gears and tough taper bearings that give these pumps its signature quiet, smooth operation. Unibloc Pump gearboxes are available in stainless steel and aircraft aluminum.

Infinite ID

Every pump’s unique serial number is engraved directly onto the Unibloc Pump gearbox, making identifying the pump and components a simplified process. With an unlimited number of applications and performance requirements, every pump is different. Looking at two pumps side-by-side, they may appear identical, however, the internal components that make up the pump may be completely different. The serial number is the unique identifier of a pump – it defines the size of the motor, the diameter of the impellers, and the materials from which it is constructed. The Infinite ID makes ordering spares and replacement parts a sure thing.

Unibloc's commitment is to our customer. We believe in immediate support and service guaranteeing product availability and on-time delivery. We know that what matters most is mitigating downtime and with  Unibloc, that is one less concern our customers have.

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